Highlighted areas on map below are eligible for cost share under this Clean Water Indiana grant.

Our Mission:  The mission of the Huntington County Soil and Water Conservation District is to educate and provide assistance to landowners in the wise use of conservation practices on the land to protect the soil, water quality and other natural resources.





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 Huntington County Soil & Water  Conservation District

Improving Soil Quality Degradation

and Protecting Water Quality

in the Wabash River Watershed


The Huntington County SWCD has partnered with

Wells County SWCD on a 2016 Clean Water Indiana

Grant that covers the Upper Wabash River Watershed area.  

Priority Resource Concerns addressed by this project includes:


  • Lowering the Sediment & Nitrogen loads to local waterways


  • Applying Gypsum when needed to improve soil infiltration rates


Cost share funds will be available for the following practices:


$20 per acre for Cover Crops planted - maximum 200 acres

$20 per acre for Gypsum application - maximum 100 acres

Must show soil test (within year) results warranting Gypsum application


Preference will be given to those using these Best Management Practices for the first time and to those not eligible for cost share through the Upper Wabash River Basin Commission Cost Share Program.





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Cost Share Program


Details about our 319 Grant Cost Share Program for the Lower Salamonie River Watershed is located on the programs tab.  Application forms, list of practices and detailed maps are listed under 319 Grant cost share tab..


For more details about the program and application process, please contact the SWCD Office at 260-356-6816 ext. 3.




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