319 Grant for the Lower Salamonie River Watershed

Cost-Share Program Information


Cost-Share Program Guidelines


Eligibility - All practices must be installed in a critical area of the Lower Salamonie River Watershed (Tier 1 or Tier 2).

To Apply – Application packets are available at your local NRCS and SWCD offices.

Ranking and Review - Cost Share applications will be ranked by the SWCD and Watershed Coordinator in cooperation with local NRCS and ISDA staff.  A point system will be used for ranking.  Site specific conditions or situations may impact the final ranking of a project

Permits for BMPs - Any required permits will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Maintaining BMPs - Cost-share recipient will be responsible for the operation and maintenance all BMPs. Most vegetative practices shall be maintained for 10 years, with the exception of cover crops which will be maintained for 1 year. Structural BMPs will be maintained for 10 years. 

Deadlines – Applications will be taken continuously and ranked periodically until cost-share funds are depleted.  Applications will be accepted starting August 21, 2015

Funding Caps – .For all projects, the maximum cost-share is 75% of actual cost or average costs, whichever is less.  The only exceptions are comprehensive nutrient management plans and conservation plans which may be funded up to 90%.  There is also a $5,000 cap on equipment modifications.

Notification and Reimbursement – Recipients will be notified by letter or email.  Cost-Share funds are paid after installation of practices and all invoices have been received.


For more information about the grant you can contact the Watershed Coordinator or the SWCD Office at 260-356-6816 ext. 3.


Our Mission:  The mission of the Huntington County Soil and Water Conservation District is to educate and provide assistance to landowners in the wise use of conservation practices on the land to protect the soil, water quality and other natural resources.





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Cost Share Program


Details about our 319 Grant Cost Share Program for the Lower Salamonie River Watershed is located on the programs tab.  Application forms, list of practices and detailed maps are listed under 319 Grant cost share tab..


For more details about the program and application process, please contact the SWCD Office at 260-356-6816 ext. 3.




The Huntington County Annual Meeting and Banquet will be held on February 23rd at Huntington North High School beginning at 6:30 p.m.


Details about the event will be posted in local newspapers and on our website.




SWCD Affiliate Membership forms are available now on the Events Page.

 Lower Salamonie River Critical Areas Map for Cost-Share Program.

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