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Details about our 319 Grant Cost Share Program for the Lower Salamonie River Watershed will be announced the first of September.


Contact the SWCD Office for more details about the program and application information.




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319 Non-Point Source Management Grant for the

Lower Salamonie River Watershed 

About the Watershed:

The Salamonie River Watershed is an eight digit (05120102) hydrologic unit code (HUC) river basin that covers just over 352,900 acres.  It covers six different Indiana counties and is subdivided into 23 sub-basins.  The Salamonie River originates near the Indiana-Ohio border in Jay County, Indiana and flows to the northwest for approximately 60 miles before discharging into the Wabash River upstream from the town of Wabash, Indiana.  The lower portion of the Salamonie River is impounded and forms Salamonie Lake.  The Salamonie River is a tributary to the Wabash River system, and Mississippi River Basin which contributes to the hypoxia (depletion of dissolved oxygen in the water column to a level that can no longer support living aquatic organisms) in the the Gulf of Mexico.


The Grant Project:

For the past two years the Watershed Coordinator and volunteers have been working to compile information for the Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for the Lower Salamonie River Watershed (LSRW) area.  Information acquired from water sampling events, windshield survey and other pertinent data has been used to develop the WMP and select the critical areas in the watershed.  The WMP has been submitted and is currently being edited for approval of Indiana Deparment of Environmental Management and Environmental Protection Agency.  After approval of the WMP the LSRW group will submit a Cost Share Plan to IDEM for approval of practices.


Cost Share Program:

The steering committee has been meeting to determine Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will be used for the LSRW Cost Share Program.  Landowners in the most critical areas will be able to apply for cost share assistance on a variety of conservation practices.  These conservation practices will help reduce the amount of nutrients flowing into our rivers and streams and help reduce erosion.  


Water Sampling:

The watershed group will continue to conduct water sampling events to monitor the quality of the water and nutrient levels. If you would like to assist with a sampling event, please contact the SWCD office at 260-356-6816 ext. 3.    


Information about the project will be provided to the community through news releases, newsletters, SWCD and partnership agency websites, public meetings and field days.


For more information about the grant you can contact the Watershed Coordinator or the SWCD Office at 260-356-6816 ext. 3.


Lower Salamonie River Watershed area is located between red stars.

Lower Salamonie River Watershed is located

between the red stars.  From Montpelier to

Lagro, Indiana.

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